JN Fund Managers Ltd.

"We create wealth and financial security for individuals, families, companies and institutions. JN Fund Managers Limited, JNFM, is a licensed securities dealer and a full service investment manager offering: Wealth Management; Asset Management; Pension Fund Administration and Investment Banking."


Stoneleigh Coffee Roasters

"Our family’s passion for coffee began more than thirty years ago when our father, St. Clair Shirley, decided to follow his dream and farm one of the most sought after coffees on the planet. Impressed by the distinct characteristics of the Stoneleigh Estate, he knew this land would help bring his dream to life."


Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA)

"The mission of the Jamaica Olympic Association is to develop, promote and protect the Olympic Movement in Jamaica and to ensure that athletes from Jamaica attend the Olympic Games. The JOA is committed to the development of athletes and supports the development of sport for all programmes and high performance sport in Jamaica."


Harrow Sports

"Harrow Sports is a leading manufacturer of squash, field hockey, lacrosse, and racquet sports equipment, bags and apparel, as well as indoor court footwear, and custom ice hockey uniforms."



“We are a global sports company connecting the next generation of athletes, coaches, teams, leagues and sports facilities with the latest in video and analytics technology, powered by AI and machine learning.”


Mason Street Gym

“Stop saying I can’t, YOU CAN. You just choose not to. We turn our clients into bigger, stronger, faster versions of themselves.”

Chelsea Piers - Connecticut

“Chelsea Piers Connecticut, like Chelsea Piers New York, aims to provide an unparalleled athletic environment that is always Clean, Safe, Friendly and Fun.”


Control the T Sports

“…Our mission, to be a trusted resource for you, the squash player and tennis player. We want to make sure you get the right gear, so you can get the most out of your game!”


Jamaica Squash Association

"The Jamaica Squash Association is the governing body of squash in Jamaica and oversees the development of the game across the island"

Squash Gear

"SquashGear.com has the widest selection of squash products available anywhere in the World."